Sunday, August 07, 2005

Gnat Park

Gnat Park is a park in Afton. That is not its official name but we affectionately call it that as we went in the spring and were overjoyed to be swarmed by gnats. The children were oblivious to the blood running down the backs of their necks and after 3 fun-filled minutes I was ready to call it a day. As a pregnant mom I needed a bathroom NOW...right on schedule. I asked Joshua to play in the sand with Nathan and the sand toys and keep swatting! I walked to the Port-a-Stench. I sauntered back at a leisurely pace as I saw Sarah on the slide and Joshua and Nathan playing as instructed. Capture those moments, mommies!! As I came closer I noticed Nathan wasn't playing with anything we had brought with us....What were those??!! Joshua sat nearby staring intently. OH MY GOSH!! Nathan was happily sitting with a pile of cat turds in front of him and waving a turd in each hand!! AAAAHHHHHHH! As I swatted turds and gnats I yelled at Joshua"Why in the world would you let your little brother play with cat turds??!" He told me he hadn't known what they were! About face, forward march, to the van, cherubs! Don't forget to wave bye-bye to Gnat Park as you never know when you may see it again!!

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