Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fashion Sense

Sarah Beara had a playdate today so she decided to get dolled up for it. Picture this if you will...bright yellow Old Navy t-shirt, red sweater, pink shorts, navy socks pulled up to her knees and yellow rain boots. A vision of loveliness, I know!! I used to be somewhat mortified at her outfits but I see the other 4 year old girls in Wal-mart. Their moms always give me that knowing smile.
I called to Sarah a couple of weeks ago that we needed to pick up Joshua from summer school. She dashed to her room and began primping. Picture this if you Christmas dress covered in sequins and lace, red tights and red Dorothy shoes. Oh, and don't forget to bring a sweater because it's a chilly 98 degrees!!! (The sweater was pink with blue cats all over it.)
Maybe my daughter could help me spruce up my maternity wardrobe... but would I be so brave??

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