Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thoughts from Sarah

So I leave for basic training for the National Guard tomorrow. Am I scared? Terrified. Am I nervous? Extremely. Do I think i can do it? Yes. I joined the National Guard about two months ago and I never thought that this day would come where I would leave my family, friends, pets, church, and most importantly good food. But I am doing this for a reason. I am doing this to become an American soldier and defend my country. Basic is going to be difficult and there will be times where I will want to quit but I can’t. Everyone else at basic will be going through the same thing and we are a team so I must stay confident and push through. This wasn’t suppose to be a huge essay or anything about my thoughts but I guess it is now. All I want to ask is for prayer. Please pray that I stay calm and push through. Please pray that I remember what the end goal is and what an amazing thing that I am doing. Please pray for my family and friends. Please pray that the Lord will accompany me on my journey and that he will help me through it. Finally, please pray that I will be strong, physically and mentally. Thank you!!

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