Thursday, June 22, 2017


I share the following letter with you today to encourage you, my fellow parents. I once had 4 Streamers under the age of 8. It sometimes felt thankless. It was hard. And it was good. But I usually felt like I had no idea what I was doing.
Was ANYTHING I was saying or doing making it into their hearts and brains? I so longed to plant seeds and be the kind of mother that I wanted. TAKE HEART dear friends. They are listening. They are soaking in what you are saying. And God will take our little and make it much.
I found this letter on my nightstand the other night. From my 20 year old son.

Hi Mom,
I apologize for taking so long on this, but I didn't want to buy a card or scribble a thoughtless project together...
I hold nothing but admiration and love for you and Dad because of how much you have changed and matured your past self to better the lives of not only yourself, but everyone around you and the future of your children. Along those lines, I cannot begin to comprehend the weight of the harsh trials that you have endured, but even after all of them, instead of lowering your head and accepting how it is, you raised your gaze to the sky and stood in the rain, smiling, refusing to fall into the patterns of what was and is no more. I feel you are the strongest woman I will ever meet in my life and I will always appreciate God's transformation in you. I cherish the memories we have made, I am encouraged by the tears we have shed, and I will always glow in radiant pride because my mother is Carla Stream.
Thank you. 
 With all the love a human heart can possess,
Your son
Joshua Patrick Stream

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