Wednesday, December 07, 2016


For my 51st birthday my sweet husband bought tickets to the Stevie concert in St. Paul, MN! That man knows the heart of his wife.
The concert was AMAZING!! Stevie was beautiful and rocked the house at 68 years old! Some of the songs she sang  Gypsy Star Shine New Orleans Stop Dragging My Heart Around   Stand Back
If Anyone Falls Rhiannon Edge of Seventeen Bella Donna Gold Dust Woman Landslide and Wild Heart.   Stevie did a tribute to her friend Prince during Edge of Seventeen.  I cried.

I was the youngest one there and wanted to DANCE!! So when Stevie sang my favorite song(Rhiannon of course)I got up and danced.  While everyone around me stayed seated.

I sang to Patrick my favorite lines of Edge of Seventeen. I'm a few years older than you. My love.
(Just 4.  4 years older.)

Thank you Stevie for your God given gifts and talents and for being an amazing performer and giving me one of the best concerts I've been to.  My FIFTH time seeing you in concert!

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