Saturday, August 06, 2016

VBS Year 13

I started volunteering while pregnant with Nathan.  Years of gathering the kidlets from their VBS groups and the nursery. Trying to get fourby40 to the van.  Now I watch other young moms do that.

Joshua is a games leader, Sarah a group leader, on the choreography and skits team, Nathan is a junior leader and Tim finished his last year as a student. I'm thinking this is my last year volunteering. Until I sign up again.
This year I took on Kindergarten boys as a favor.

Here are my thoughts.
1.  The flight risk I chased all day Monday didn't show up the rest of the week by God's grace.

2.  All craft projects made are for Mommy.

3. You will repeat yourself until your brain falls out.  "Come over here. Over here. Over here. Put that down. Put that back.  Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you. Hands to yourself. Voices off. Voices off. Voices off."

4. A 10 minute sermon in 90 degree heat before game time does not go over well with 5 year olds. Or their 50 year old leader.

5. There were some tears. A broken crayon, missing mom, the wrong color marker, a forgotten offering, the snack not to their liking.

6. An amazing junior leader saved my sanity and my week. He was an expert lamb herder.

7.  As myself and my junior leader danced our socks off to The Go Fish Guys our little boys did not move a muscle.

8. Someone commented to me that my boys should wash their hands. I argued that their hands looked like that when they got to me.

9. My humor is lost on this age group.

10. The new gray hairs you find are in direct proportion to the number of little boys in your group. 6.

11. Absolute cuteness overload.

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