Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Stream Christmas Form Letter

Dear ones,

Oh me oh my.

Patrick was certified as a Biblical Counselor, ordained as an elder and skated an inline marathon with his daughter for the first time.  So many things on the bucket list, so little time. He was given a snowblower by a family that moved to Florida.  After 19 years of shoveling he can clear the driveway in 7 minutes!  Snow way! He leads this family well and is an amazing husband and father.

Carla substitute teaches to the brink of insanity and is helping to pay for a trip to Florida for Spring Break 2016! Our first ever family vacation.  To WalleyWorld.  Go us.  She has also started the Faith Community Church Prolife Coalition to get organized with activities and opportunities in the prolife movement.  She dabbles in gluten free eating and wants to exercise, but doesn't.  She celebrated her 50th birthday by dancing the night away to the 80's.  She died of fun.

Josh is working and studying and answer polite questions about what he will do after graduation in 2016,  "Whatever my mom tells me to do with my life."  is his answer.  Um. Start your career, get married and begin immediately adopting grand cherubs.  In that order.  Mom is truly in denial that he could possibly be 18.  Pretty sure he is still 7.

Sarah stays busy with babysitting, volunteering in the church nursery and hanging with friends.  She is starting driver's education in January.  Yikes. Mom loves sharing boots and scarves with her daughter.  The girl is getting taller and will pass me up soon. Sarah keeps us living life to the fullest by asking, "What are we going to do now? What are we doing tonight?  Let's make plans this weekend!"

Nathan finds middle school boring and can't wait to come home and chillax.  He had his 12th birthday party with 11 other boys and we decided to make that the last year for it.  Oy vey.  He received a phone for Christmas and the whole family enjoys seeing only the top of his head around the house.

Tim has taken 4th grade by storm.  Reading, writing and doing math like a champ.  He has reached grade level in all of it. Hard work pays off, son.  He requested a cursive writing packet from his teacher and on his own has developed quite a style.  His writing assignments at school focus on God, Jesus and his family.

Griffen was getting quite sick and it was decided that Griff would be put down.  We picked the day and said our goodbyes and mom took him.  She didn't know what to expect and was quite horrified at the vet.  Our fatcat is buried in the backyard. This is our first Christmas without him yet God has seen fit to send us a neighborhood outside cat who comes and goes. We welcome Lola and say goodbye to Griffen.
All is calm. All is bright.  The Savior of the world came to earth as a baby to save us all from our sins.  We pray that you seek Him above all things. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

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