Friday, February 20, 2015

Thursday Morning in the Trenches

The temp -14.  My 17 year old son Joshua ran back into the house barefoot.  He had just been starting his car to warm it up.  Barefoot.

Tim couldn't find his story The Bunny. I was sure that I recycled it so I went outside. Temp was still -14. I dumped the whole bin into the driveway.  Sorted through cardboard, empty water bottles, cereal boxes and didn't find The Bunny.  Came in to see it on the phone stand.

Tim zipped up his winter coat.  The zipper broke.  I scrambled to MAKE IT WORK but had to grab the back up winter coat.  That zipper broke too.  Get in the car! He went to school with a busted zipper coat.

I came home to sit on the couch and cry.  I wanted to start the day over.  I wanted peace and calm and joy.  Instead I found rest. And in that rest was peace and calm and joy. Thank you Lord.

Walmart had $35 boys winter coats on sale for $8! Score!

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