Monday, November 03, 2014

The Change

No, not THAT change.  Gross.

Our family dynamic is changing.  It began with our oldest, Joshua getting a job and a license and a car.  And our daughter, Sarah heading to high school and football games and babysitting jobs.  It is a rare event when we all sit down together for dinner and I am struggling with it.  This is hard.  I am happy for them as they embrace their lives and continue toward independence but I miss them.  I miss The Bigs.
Case in point.  Sarah was going to a friend's party on Halloween.  Not trick or treating like last year. WHAT?! WHY?! I got all choked up and as she walked out the door she said, "Mom I'm not going off to college."  You might as well be, missy!
We now seem to be hanging with the youngers.  The Littles(I am not allowed to call them that anymore out loud)dressed up and went out trick or treating and lasted about an hour.  Not impressed, no big deal, whatevs.
I am looking ahead and see nights with four of us.  Patrick and I and two boys. Still fun.  Just different.
And I will embrace the change.  I will accept the change.  Not with quiet grace and humility mind you.  But chasing Josh's car down the street and yelling, "You forgot to kiss and hug your mother goodbye! Get back here! You need your sweatshirt! Drive safely! Have a good night at work! I love you! Hurry back!"


Katie Rolli said...


growing up is sooooo haaaard. I don't like it.

Why can't cats stay kittens and why can't children just stay little.

Carla said...

So with ya Katie!

I miss being here with you.