Saturday, August 16, 2014


I miss Robin. The way I miss John Candy and Mr. Rogers. My heart aches. I miss his sweet face, his crazy voices and his physical humor.
Robin introduced me to Mork. I wanted to marry Mork. I had the rainbow suspenders, which I thought were enough to become his wife. I figured we could laugh together all the rest of our days. And then Mindy stole him from me.
My favorite movies of Robin's are Mrs. Doubtfire and Jack. He made me laugh when I was in a lot of pain. I grew up with Robin.
I will not speculate on whether Robin is in heaven. That is not for me to know and I am good with that. I cannot say that he is in a better place or that he is free. Only God knows. I will trust Him. Robin faced judgment before our Righteous King just as we all will. I was not there. Nor was I there in Robin's last moments. I do not know what he was thinking or feeling. God does. I will trust Him.
I do not pray for Robin or anyone else who has passed away. I pray for his family and friends and for those of us who are left that are trying to make some sense of it. To make meaning and share our sadness.
Robin had a God given gift of bringing joy to others. He made us laugh and cry and I am grateful to God that Robin lived. That God made him. That I had that chance to love him and his talent. I will grieve his passing.
PS One does not have to struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts and attempts to have an opinion.(I have)But we are free to express our thoughts and our opinions even if we disagree. But the hatred? Please.Stop.

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