Thursday, June 05, 2014


Among the myriad of things I do I try to translate for my children.  Their utterings and mutterings are at times hard to decipher but we soldier on.
Tim had a field trip to get ready for today.  He needed a packed lunch and we were discussing what would go into that brown paper bag.
Tim "Mom I want those brown things with the white stuff in them."
Mom "Swiss Cake Rolls?"
Tim "YES! I also want those meaty long things."
Mom "Beef sticks?"
Tim "YES! And the white ones that I put in the microwave."
Mom "String Cheese?"
Tim "YES! And those orange things."
Mom "Cheetos?"
Time "YES!"


Pamela said...

Yup. Also reminds me of Phoebe on "Friends" - (to Monica)

"Oh..I know! You should make that thing..with the stuff!"
(confused Monica)

Phoebe : "You know...that 'thing'...with the 'stuff'?" :D

Carla said...