Friday, June 13, 2014

Making Out

Tim has flown this year as an emergent reader and is now into chapter books! He received a book yesterday for his last day of school and started reading in the car.  He came upon a sentence and wasn't sure of the meaning.
Tim "What does "make out" mean?
Mom  "What?"  Makes alarmed eye contact with Daddy.
Tim "Make out.  What does make out mean?"
Mom "Could you read the sentence please?"
Tim "I wonder if I should make out a will before I leave."
Mom "Make out means to write something down."
Tim "What else does it mean?"
Mom "When I kiss Daddy."
Tim "Gross."


Janet for Life said...

Hi Carla! It's been quite a while, hope you have a wonderful summer.
Your pro-life friend, Janet (for Life)

Carla said...

Hello Janet for Life!!

It has been quite a while!!!

Good to hear from you! :)