Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stream's Christmas Letter 2013

Here we are.  This is us. Ready to bring you our 2013 family form letter chock full of Christmas sarcasm.

We added two additions to the Stream Team this year.  No, Carla was not pregnant with twins!!  As if.
Two gerbils were given to us by a family friend and named Nibbles(Tim) and Ricky.(Nathan)They are adorable! We love our little fur babies! One time Tim pulled some of Nibble's tail fur off and then the critter ate the dried up tail.  Less work for me.

Griffen seems thinner. And crankier. Meowing loudly for food, hissing when I walk by.  He is aging but I have been assured by well meaning friends that he could live to be 22.  Thanks.

Joshua has his permit!!! It is so hard to put my life in his hands. Scary yet necessary. He also works as a dishwasher at one of the best Italian restaurants around. Mama Maria's.  He tells me that although he is soaked from head to toe at the end of the night he is handed huge dishes of pasta during his shifts which he consumes with his hands. Mmmmmmmm. Joshua is cruising to 17 and I am in denial about that.

Sarah officially entered teenagedom this year.  I say officially as she has been drama with a capital D since the age of three.  She adores children and has been babysitting and volunteering in the church nursery.  She gets upset when I use the words deets, digits and totes adorbs.  I care not. Embarrassing her is one of my favorite hobbies. She went out for basketball this year.  Played on the B team and she told me honestly that they were not very good.  And after watching a game or two, I agreed. She still has her heart set on being in the National Guard.

Nathan has taken an interest in grooming.  How wonderful!! He was elated when I purchased a dress shirt with a clip on tie and he wore it proudly.  Quite dapper.  He LOVES school and his teacher and that is such a blessing. I love hearing his thoughts and watching him conquer math and science!! Nathan has found a passion for inline skating.  Daddy is thrilled!!

Timmers keeps us all on high alert as we constantly wonder what his boy brain will think up.  He has been working hard at school after being identified with short term memory issues. We have watched him learn to read and write and spell!! He also proudly identifies as a Christian and tells his friends about Jesus at school. No phone calls from the principal. Yet. We have noticed that Tim seems to be musically inclined and of course he wants to start with a drum set.

Patrick has been pursuing his passion for others. My husband has been working hard to bring Biblical Counseling to our church and it has come to pass!! Patrick and I counsel together and I can't even describe what a blessing it has been! He is working toward becoming a certified Biblical Counselor.  So many inline races this past summer, so little time! Wow did Patrick tear it up!! He met his goals and was asked to join a team!! SK8HRD! He won a $100 gift card in a race and gave it to his wife. awwwwww

Carla. Carla. Carla.  Doing life. She has been a substitute teacher for the 2nd year.  So far she has had wonderful classes and sweet students!! There are times she is the only recess monitor with no whistle, no walkie talkie and 65+ kiddoes to watch. Insanity on a stick. She seems to be more introverted as the days move on.  She adores Mondays at 8:30 when all Streams are in their Indoctrination Stations.  What a blessing and a privilege to be on the Prayer Team at church, Biblical Counseling team and studying the book of Philippians with her sisterfriends. She still yaps her head off in the prolife movement about the devastation of abortion. Don't get her started.  She just received confirmation that she will be appointed as an Election Inspector for 2014!!

Is that it?  Is that all?  We do indeed have the best and the brightest kids and the most amazing life ever.  We are living the dream and this letter only confirms that our lives are perfect.  Perfectly perfect.

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