Friday, March 22, 2013

Special Education

Ah Tim.  My Tim.

He has struggled in school to get those sounds and letters to make sense and put it all together to speak words and write words and read words.  1st grade is hard.  He has had all of the interventions with reading and math help and the school asked permission to test him.  Permission granted. The results are in.  He has a real issue with his short term memory.  It is hindering his learning.  He will be put into a setting and working hard on that short term memory and he will be successful because that little boy does not give up.  Day after day he heads to school and tries his very best and concentrates and comes home exhausted.

Now my youngest makes sense to me.  When I have told him to make his bed, get dressed and brush his teeth and 20 minutes later he is wandering around naked with an action figure and asks to make directions just might not have registered.  I get it now.

Mommy will slow down.  Mommy will look you in the eye and give you one direction and ask you to repeat it.  Mommy will praise you for your diligence and stay the course and work hard with you and pray for your brain.  And I will be proud of what you accomplish and live everyday to see those dimples.

I love you Timothy.


Kandi said...

Timmers and Nafers need to come have a sleepover with Jacob. Oh, the things they could teach each other... :)

reallyerica said...

Uhm...this is the perfect description of me! And of my youngest daughter, Rhea. Now, imagine Tim #1 being responsible to help Tim #2 get ready and out the door on time for school each day. Yeah. Not happening. :-P

Laura B said...

God gave Timmers to you because you are the mom he needs. You are diligent and you don't give up on your children. You love them and you are the best mom for them. God bless you daily.

Patricia said...

well the good thing is that you know and don't think he's just misbehaving or ignoring you.
I have to wonder how many boys are labeled with attitude problems when really it's something else.