Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I give fitness a minimal effort. I don't want to do it for weeks at a time and then I decide to step it up a bit.  It's cyclical.  I asked for and received ankle weights for my birthday. I figured doing some knee lifts would count as cardio and resistance training. Two birds.
While making tacos last night I strapped those bad boys on, cranked some music and did a little workout.  Step. Lunge. Hop. Flex those abs. Grapevine and a kick ball change, turn around and stir that hamburger.  I did my best. I was being active! I was multi tasking! I was already working off the calories in the tacos I was about to consume!

Tim rained on my parade by saying "Mom what are you doing?? You can't do that! You are too old for that!"

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