Thursday, August 16, 2012


This summer I became interested in inline skating.  I watched my daughter skate a race with her Daddy and wondered if I could do that too.  A friend sent me a pair of skates!!! For free!!!  They are really nice and I am sure they have a name and a brand and some racing jargon I know nothing about.

I skated one night with Patrick at an elementary school and he told me we should try going down a hill. I figured he knew best until I landed on my tailbone and skidded to a stop on my right butt cheek.  Ohmystars.  Can we say ROAD RASH?  I knew I would never skate again if I didn't get up right then and there so I did. Bleeding and crying and mad I skated 2 more miles.  The recovery was hard. Limping around and not being able to sit for more than 7 minutes.

On Tuesday I skated 4 miles. The most I have ever done. I will admit I was terrified of falling but I didn't fall. I skated!!

Why in the world would I put myself through this?  I love my husband. He will be inline racing for the rest of his life and I want to join him!

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