Thursday, April 12, 2012


Timothy is suffering from RTR Syndrome. Refusal to Read. He could care less that his job as a kindergartener means more than learning the letters T, I and M. It is a major battle to get him to sound words out at home and do his homework packets and try reading with mom. It makes us fussy.
Last night he was bringing a friend to Awana and was so excited!! RTR kicked in and I said we needed to read his sight word list. Yeah right. Good one mom. I told him if he didn't get through the list I would be calling his little buddy's mommy and telling her that it wasn't going to work out.
Tim said, "It, in, on, the, a, and, me, my, is, as, to, has."


Kandi said...

Fastest learner ever.

kristi noser said...

Way to go Tims! Way to go Carla--find the currency!!

Karla with a K said...

Kristi, I was going to say exactly that. It is always a matter of finding the currency.