Thursday, April 05, 2012


Yesterday was Fake an Injury Day at the middle school. I assumed that it was to give students a chance to understand disabilities or learn compassion for others that may not be as able bodied. How silly of me. Joshua told me it was just for fun. Hmmm. Pajama Day is just for fun. I can't help thinking about the students that have broken arms in casts or broken legs and were walking on crutches yesterday. For reals. I am sure they had a blast!!

Joshua said, "How about you write an angry letter to the school?"

The boy knows me too well.


Brenda said...

My apologies. I know you like light hearted banter, but this really frosts my cackles. As the mother of a child with disabilities, I worked for years to increase awareness, and hopefully compassion, among both students and teachers.

This is not care free or fun. It's hurtful, and it diminishes others.

Not cool.

Carla said...

Agreed Brenda!!

kristi noser said...

What a stupid idea. There was no thought to this "day" in my opinion. Let me know if you don't write an angry letter, because I sure the heck will.

blackbelt said...

Well, I did notice it was fake an INJURY day, not disability. [My child has disabilities, also.] So, not that I like the idea, but I was wondering if it was a way to get it out of the kids' system? They do stuff like that and maybe they all do it and get it over with?