Friday, March 16, 2012


Joshua really needed new shoes. Not that he ever tells me. I noticed the holes all over his other ones. I received a 20% of coupon in the mail today for Payless Shoes and figured the manboy and I could head to Shopko. We found a decent pair and I was so excited that I could use my coupon! At the checkout the cashier needed assistance and the manager was called over to confer and then I was given a "talking to" by the manager. "This coupon says right here on the back that it is not valid in any Shopko store and so we cannot honor it. The shoes you picked out are not Payless shoes anyway." Why not just announce it over the intercom? Insert awkward silence. I felt one inch tall as I paid full price. Thankyougoodbye.

On the bright side Joshua now wears size 11.5! And I am committed to reading fine print!

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