Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Not Ready

Had a conversation with Joshua on the way to school this morning. Since the lad turns 15 next month, he wanted to know when he could get a job. A REAL job. How old do I have to be? What is the minimum wage? What is Social Security? Where should I apply? What do I say? Do I need a resume? What's an application?
This momma is not ready for this. Seems like yesterday he was watching Lazy Town with Sarah Beara.
Joshua wants to work at Good Will. It is within biking distance and he can scope out treasure and spend his whole check there. Win-Win.
And then in August he can start Driver's Ed.


Don Gatwood said...

Parenting is bittersweet.

Carla said...


Karla with a K said...

Sigh is right.

blackbelt said...

I understand.

But what a wonderful boy you have :-) Praying Timmers will get there, too.