Monday, March 05, 2012

Catch Up

1. Patrick's hernia surgery was a success. We got it on sale for $13,000.

2. Sarah has a choir concert tomorrow night. Hundreds of children and parents and it is always so crowded I end up being proud of someone else's brown haired daughter.

3. Joshua received a text from a girl last night. "I like you so much. I get a warm feeling whenever we are together. I am shaking right now." He texted back, "I am glad we are friends too."

4. Nathan has picked up more swear words at school. We are so happy.

5. Timmers is having quite a time of eating and talking with no front teeth.

6. I am more than a number on the scale.

7. I just had Sister Saturday. Went out to a lovely dinner with Mona and Naomi and had Filet Mignon for the first time! We laughed until we cried.

8. Griffen is having some issue. He has always had some issue though. He will be 13 next month. I have heard that cats can live to be 22. 9 more years?!

9. Sarah thought she would start wearing makeup. She applied some bright eyeshadow and came to show me. Um. That ain't happening girly. I told her, "We can start with mascara in 7th grade and go from there. Hand over the eyeshadow."

10. I called my parents and left a message.

11. God has never let go of me or mine.


Karla with a K said...

Loving your entire presentation. Really glad that sale item worked out well for you! Will pray for you guys.

kristi noser said...

Thirteen. Thousand. Bucks. That makes me want to choke. I wonder if they'd give him the money back if he wanted the hernia instead.
Love these updates. Love you and your whole family too!!!

Carla said...

Oh, and about the choir concert?

I haven't seen that much skin in a long time. Middle school skin everywhere. Barely there tank tops and skirts up to the armpits.


Henrietta G. Tavish said...

I would hate to see Nathan's "Dear Jane" letter.

With all the brown-haired bloggers out there, I often find myself proud of ones other than you. Even when I know it's you.

That number on the scale is a lot more than it was, too.

The world record for a cat is 34 years. Go Griffen!

kristi noser said...

Maybe the Doc will take Grif as payment. Two birds, baby.

Carla said...

Griff is so worth 13,000!! heh

blackbelt said...

Thanks for the chuckles over my coffee.