Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Battle

Saturday mornings are tough for this mommy. Patrick has a class from 7-9am. I spend my time making breakfast, doing data schmata and SHUSHING(Shhh. Whisper.Like This.)the little boys. Joshua and Sarah could sleep all day if Nathan and Tim weren't bent on running, jumping, yelling, their version of WWF and destruction. I want my two eldest to sleep in a bit. It is what they live for at this point. This morning I felt creative. Must have been the coffee. I brought all of the kitchen chairs into the living room and ordered a bunch of blankets. Nathan and Tim and I made the best fort ever with them adding pillows and flashlights and scary stories. My moments of inspiration are few and far between at this point so the kiddoes will have to take what they can get. Shhhhhhh.

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kristi noser said...

Nice job! I was always a fan of blanketforts as a child.