Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Simple Gratitude


Always a good reminder.

The underlying reason for ungratefulness remains unbelief. What we actually mean when we complain about our circumstances is: I don't really believe God can figure out what's best for me. Often this root of unbelief lies so deeply buried that we can't grasp what makes our daily existence miserable. But the obvious fruits of ungratefulness are worry, anger, self-pity, and a judgmental, complaining spirit. On the other hand, a grateful heart generates inner peace, faith, contentment, and a positive attitude. God asks us to give thanks in advance-before we see or know the consequences. Make a deliberate choice to give thanks, transfer your focus from circumstances to God, and look on the bright side. The choice to be grateful instead of bitter is a choice that anyone can make.

Madalene Harris


Reegz said...

Stop convicting my heart. Stop it I say.

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