Monday, October 10, 2011

Stream Snippets

I am not overly fond of the word snippets. And yet there it is.

Nathan was getting upset at soccer on Saturday. Had nothing to do with the game. The boys on his team were finding caterpillars and thanking Mother Nature for them. Nathan asked everyone who believed in Mother Nature to raise their hands and then he told them that God made caterpillars.

As a rule I only like practical jokes when I play them on others. Joshua loaded my coffee cup with cinnamon. I totally ignored it and when he asked about my coffee I told him it was delicious.

Sarah keeps getting asked to football games by a certain boy. A boy who is a friend. Not a boyfriend. So she says.

Tim came out of his room with a set of bongo drums this morning and sang me a song about what a nice mom I am. bongity bong bong


JackB said...

Hmmm... Once when I was about your daughter's age I switched my brother-in-law's sugar with salt for his tea. He wasn't incredibly pleased. :) Joshua is my kinda kid!

Nathan is very brave for his age, you are raising him well!

kristi noser said...

TSIF. When I was finishing your glass on Sunday, the lady on the radio (whose grammar was soooo bad, but I digress)kept saying the word "snippets". Made me crazy. I now like that word even less than before, if that's possible.

Good job, Nafers. Good job Timmers.
Sorry Joshers, not gonna say "good job" for the cinnamon...
Bongity bong bong.

kristi noser said... knew what I meant, right?

Carla said...


Carla said...

A serenade by a bongo drum player in Spidey underpants. What could be better?

Carla said...

Thank you, Jack. Nathan told me a couple of years ago he wants to be a pastor. So there you go.