Friday, October 07, 2011


All of my boys seem to be bully magnets. (My daughter? Nah. I pity the fool......)
Heard about a lad that was chasing the youngers home on his bike using a stick that he would use to whap them along. I saw him this morning on his bike ride to school. I know him by name and thought this would be a good time for a delightful chit chat. I called the boy over to introduce myself.

Mama Bear "Hi Bully!"(not his real name)
Bully "Hi."
Mama Bear "I am Nathan and Timothy's mom. You know the two boys that you chase on your bike and hit with a stick after school?"
Bully "Yeah."
Mama Bear "Well Bully, you are not allowed to do that to my children. They will not be bullied by you or anyone else. That behavior stops today. Do you understand?"
Bully "Yeah."
Mama Bear "Ok. Good. Have a great day, Bully!!"


Kara Jo said...

Way to go Mama Bear.

erin said...

Good job. I can't wait to hear if he stops. What an a-hole.
(Can you say that about a kid? I just did.)

kristi noser said...

Good job, Mama Bear.
I love how you told him in no uncertain terms what was what, but did not hurt his feelings. Very nice.

Karla with a K said...

Yes, nicely done. I can't wait to hear the update, too.
(Erin said the "a" word.)

Brenda said...

The direct, assertive, declarative method - I like it.

The kid might be a multi trial learner, so keep perservering if necessary.

Carla said...

After school Tim said, "That boy didn't get us today!!"

Very good.