Monday, August 08, 2011


To registration today for Nathan and Tim. Health forms, intake forms, fee forms, school lunch forms, and finally school photos.
Poor Tim. He tried so hard to follow the photographers directions but even I got confused. Stand with your feet on the red spots. Hook your thumbs in your pockets. Stand up straight. Turn your body toward me. Turn your head to the right. Put your chin down. Head up. Turn your head more toward me. Chin up. No down. Smile.


erin said...

Smile, Dim! Can't wait to see your first school photo!

kristi noser said...

Now he's all ready for boot camp! To the left, to the left, right, left!

Carla said...

He is a soldier in army of the Lord!

Carla said...

Tim told me he had a hard time because he didn't have pockets. The poor boy was focused on step two.