Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hit and Run

I was putting away groceries and Sarah came running into the house crying. I could barely understand her but she told me she had just been hit by a car. I grabbed my cell to call 911 and raced out of the house to try and see the car. After I calmed Sarah down I understood SHE hit the car. She was flying a kite and a car stopped for her and she backed into it. The woman laughed her head off and drove away. THAT is what bothered my daughter. Hugs and kisses, I untangled all three kites, finished putting groceries away, made lunch and collapsed on the couch.

Another day in paradise.


erin said...

:( Poor Sarah.

Carla said...

Poor Sarah? Poor Sarah?

Don't you mean poor mommy? :)

I felt bad about the rude laughing woman. I can't seem to explain to Sarah that some people are like that.