Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation Thoughts

We were gone for the weekend as my husband had his first inline marathon race of the season. Placed first in his age category(40-44)and achieved his best time ever!(1 hr 31 min)

1. I sat between two little boys in the back seat for the entire time on the road. I would not wish this on anyone.

2. Assume that taking a van on the ferry ride to the island with 7 people costs tons more than you would expect.

3. When Joshua comes to your room to ask where Tim is when you left Tim with him do not be surprised to find Tim browsing the gift shop. He will say to you, "Oh hi, Mom! I was looking for you!"

4. On the shores of Lake Superior you will find dozens of pretty rocks to take home with you. Once home you will have no idea what to do with dozens of pretty rocks.

5. Hangman and Tic Tac Toe are the greatest games ever invented when seated in a Chinese restaurant.

6. There will come a time when not one person in your family is content. Wait for it.

7. Watching the show Extreme Couponing until 11:30 at night is not relaxing in the least.

8. The waterslides at the hotel are not made for Big People. Scraped knees, elbows and backs are a given.

9. Do not attempt to eat the free Continental Breakfast until 10 minutes before it closes. Trying to make four Belgian waffles with 20 strangers is a lesson in frustration.

10. Stopping at a roadside animal park was time and money well spent. Petting deer, chasing peacocks, feeding camels, panning for gold and placing all four Streams in the stocks of the town jail was more fun than this mom deserves.

11. It is ok to laugh with your husband when he puts the luggage in a van that looks just like yours.


Pat Stream said...

Regarding #10 - would have been a good time to have a padlock in your purse.

Carla said...

True that. I was a mom unprepared for the stocks.

Janet said...

The Streams have more fun in a weekend than most families do in a whole year. I'm taking notes....

Kandi said...

I just attempted #7 last weekend. That show is frightening, and the people it features are borderline (if not full-blown) hoarders. Yet another reason why I detest reality TV.
On the flipside, yay for a Stream vacation!

Carla said...

Don't get me started. I had quite the thread going on facebook. :)