Thursday, June 23, 2011

Please God

Dear God,
Hi. It's me Carla.
I know you are busy. I will make this quick. Please help Tim be dry through the night. He is soaked to the gills every morning. Body and bedding. (Yes, Lord we restrict the liquids and he goes before he gets into bed. But you already know that.)This mommy is so tired. Beyond tired. Stripping sheets is exhausting and buying diapers is a drag and oh how I would love to move onto the next milestone! Which I am pretty sure is college.

Please consider helping him be a dry boy with a dry bed. A morning miracle if you will.

I love you,


Jenifer said...

Any luck?

Carla said...

Not yet. Sigh.

erin said...

Have you considered cutting back on liquids after dinner time?

Hang in there.

Carla said...


You hang in there.