Tuesday, June 28, 2011


How to Have Fun by Tims

1. When no one is watching go get a candle of moms.

2. Use her hair clips to gouge out some wax.

3. Leave the waxy clips near the sink so mom can use them later.

4. Fill the sink to the brim with water.

5. Fill the candle to the brim with water.

6. Shrug when asked what you were doing in the bathroom.

1. When no one is watching get to the garage.

2. Run into the house yelling something about a chipmunk knocking oil or gasoline all over the garage floor.

3. Try to keep up with mom as she runs to the garage.

4. Be as relieved as she is that the chipmunk only got water on the garage floor.

5. Shrug when mom tells you the chipmunk is named Tims.


Jenifer said...

Which is preferred...the shrug or "I don't know"? I really dislike "I don't know". Make me want to pull my hair out...or maybe theirs. I don't know. :)

Carla said...

I prefer the truth. :)

Tims is getting better at fessing up. He knows that I know.