Thursday, May 05, 2011


Dear Patrick,

I am so sorry for the events that transpired on Monday. I left the gas cap on top of the van after filling it up. It slid off the top and was reduced to smithereens in the street before I could retrieve it. I am guessing this is the 3rd gas cap in a year or so. I am not sure where this all started but it might have been this. There also used to be a plastic thingy that kept the cap still attached to the van. Not that I am making excuses. It's just my brain. I would like you to install a gas cap alarm as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Pat Stream said...

Got ya covered. Just added this to my task list "Get another gas cap."

Also, added a new line item to our family budget "Gas cap replacement fund."

Carla said...

Thank you!!

kristi noser said...

How about "gas cap string"?
Put a redneck rope on that bad boy.

Carla said...

Maybe Poppers can weld me something.

Henrietta G. Tavish said...

Reduced to smithereens? What do they make gas caps out of where you are, porcelain?

I'm sure my cap would just bounce (if it was not tethered to the Mercedes with a sturdy solid gold chain).

Carla said...

It was run over at rush hour.

Karla with a K said...

That's what happened to a phone once at the bottom of my street when I by accident put the phone on the - was it the windshield? - when I was done talking on it outside. Smithereens.

Janet said...

Carla, Maybe you could tie a string around your finger or put a cute little smiley face magnet (or a custom photo-magnet of your hubby, Pat) on the side of your car to remind you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Janet said...

Hey Carla,
I hope I didn't sound snarky with my comment about the string around your finger. It was a bad attempt at humor. The second part (magnet) is something I'd really do, if I had one of those gas caps without the strap thingy.

I bet I can top you on goofy car tricks. Once I locked three sets of keys in my car. Yes, THREE. I won't bore you with the story. Luckily the car was in my driveway at the time.

Carla said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Not snarky at all, Janet. :)

I will take any and all suggestions to retain the gas cap!

Three sets of car keys locked in your car means you win that category!

Janet said...

Yay! What do I win? (Please don't tell me a fourth set of keys.)

Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes!

Carla said...

You get to watch Tims!!


Janet said...

Watch Tims do what?

Just kidding.
I'll be right over.

Carla said...

You get to watch Tims do what he does. ha