Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sarah Beara

Sarah has had quite a week. Softball practice, play practice and a Twins game for her safety patrol comrades. The play she is in will be performed this weekend at three church services. This morning she was trying to do her reading journal, study for her states and capitals test and remembered she had a math test today as she was eating breakfast. That was the the last straw. She burst into tears. I held her and prayed over her and felt overwhelmed as well. My daughter and I will be doing life one moment at a time today.


kristi noser said...

one test at a time girlie. You'll do great. Gotta love the end of the year brouhaha.

Carla said...

Gotta love the word brouhaha.

Carla said...

Thanking God that I get the divine privilege of being a mom!

Janet said...

Psalm 46:10
'Be Still and Know that I AM GOD'

Praying for you.

Break a leg
(I mean, good luck!)

Brenda said...

The closeness of life is borne from these moments. She is blessed to have you, and you are blessed to have her!