Saturday, May 21, 2011


I brought Timmers into the gas station to pay for my $3.89/per gallon of gasoline. The boy hemmed and hawed about which treat he wanted. Skittles? No. M&M's? No. Juicy Fruit? No. While he was deciding an alarm began to sound. A loud beeping that persisted for the 15 minutes that Timmers finally grabbed something made by Willy Wonka. Other patrons were getting a bit cranky about the alarm. I asked the cashier what the beeping was. She told me it was because I hadn't paid for the gas yet. It helps them catch those that fill up and drive away. I paid and it stopped. Sorry, peeps.

This occurrence is subject to your local gas station and whether or not you bring Timmers with you.

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Karla with a K said...


(just for Erin).

Just wait till he gets to be Josh's age and pulls the "Gas-X prank". Good grief.