Sunday, March 20, 2011


now knows that when you put four markers in water you get THIS.


Janet said...

The "Tims" posts just keep on coming!
I bet he was kind of proud of himself for accomplishing this feat.

Happy Sunday, Carla!

erin said...

Now we all know.

Carla said...

Happy Sunday, Janet! Tims is the busiest boy I know. Whew.

File this information away and act surprised when Bairn discovers it.

Carla said...

Timmers just asked me why a picture of his spearmint is on my blog.

Janet said...

Carla, LOL!

Pray tell, what was he hoping to prove by doing this spearmint?

And how did you answer his question above?

Carla said...

That putting markers in water turns it purplish.

I said nothing and he wandered away. Thinking of more spearmints no doubt.

Janet said...

I never would have thought of doing that. So this week it looks like he may be an artist or a chemist. I can't wait to see what will next week bring.

Janet said...

oops, my poor editing is showing... I meant to say "I can't wait to see what next week will bring".