Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All Spiffed Up




Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

How is the flooding by you?

Lots of closed roads by me.

Did you hear about the MNdot worker whose backhoe tipped over on the MN river? He was clearing away ice on the river. They searched for several hours yesterday before they decided to call off the search party because the current was getting to strong and they didn't want anyone else to get hurt. He is presumed dead. This happened a few miles out of town from me. :(

A few people I work with know his family. Apparently this family lost another son a few months ago to cancer.

I think they could use some thoughts and prayers. :(

PS Sorry to be such a downer.

Carla said...

The St. Croix River will be flooding and there is a lot of sand bagging to do. Hudson, Stillwater etc.

I did read about this man. :( Thank you for telling me about his family. I will be praying.

You are not a downer. This is life.

Anonymous said...

I've always thot that snow is a great coverer of black snow. :) I came from Fbks, Alaska and you should see the yards in the summer - which is only 3 mos long - everyone's waiting for the snow to cover all their stuff so they don't have to look at it. :)

kristi noser said...

You have great foresight to think of taking a before picture. I never would have thought of that.
Does look much better with the new snow!
Bevy Lucy, I love that painting on your blog. Very cool.
Oh, Carla, I love all your paintings too.

Carla said...

Yeah. My paintings.