Thursday, February 24, 2011

Target Date

New shoes!
Hard to decide.
Have a bite, Tim.
Good night and big balls.


Carla said...

I do believe Tims has reached the age where I can take him out in public again!! Sweeeeeeeet!

erin said...

(At that last line.)

Anonymous said...

Wow Tims! Looks like you had a very good day!! New shoes and all.....can't wait to see them! Love you, Noni

Janet said...

Icees in the summer, Icees in the winter, they're always delicious!

Kandi said...

That coat looks familiar... :D

Yay, Tims!

Carla said...

Thank you for the coat, Kandi!! Nathan has handed it down. :)

Kandi said...

LOL I only mentioned it because it was my favorite coat of Jacob's. I find myself doing a double-take when I see it on your chilluns! I love reruns.