Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Be A Nerfhead in 14 Easy Steps

Step 1 Write KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION on the calendar in black Sharpie.

Step 2 WHERE IS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Tims was born. I know. I was there.

Step 3 Google the WI State Vital Records Office.

Step 4 Have your husband print off a copy of the application.

Step 5 In an envelope, enclose a non-refundable check for $20, the application, a copy of your driver's license and a self addressed stamped envelope.

Step 6 Wait patiently for the birth certificate.

Step 7 Tear open the envelope to find that they could not locate a birth certificate for your youngest son even after searching the years 2004-2008.

Step 8 Let the reality dawn on you that your third boy was born in MN not WI!!

Step 9 Go to the mirror, look at yourself and scream, "You are a nerfhead!!"

Step 10 Take a deep, cleansing breath.

Step 11 Ask you husband why he let you carry on knowing full well that Tims was born in MN.

Step 12 Try to restrain yourself when he says," You looked like you knew what you were doing."

Step 13 Google MN State Vital Records Office.

Step 14 Repeat steps 4-6.


Pat S said...

It never occurred to me...that he was born in MN.

Love nerfhead!

Carla said...

Love you sweet husband of a nerfhead!

erin said...

Sorry. You are my favorite nerfhead.

kristi noser said...

I love the word "nerfhead". And, for the record, we are all nerfheads at one time or another.

Carla said...

I should have called you and asked what state Timmers was borned in!!

Karla with a K said...

Just another example of why we get along so well. Exactly something I would do.
Hilarious. (especially #12.)

The Rapid Cycler said...

Oh my gosh, this made me laugh but I feel bad for laughing, that had to be SO frustrating!

Carla said...

Dear Rapid Cycler,
I only blog it when it becomes funny for me so rest assured I am laughing with you now!!

Working on Step 13 this week.

Kara Jo said...

Oh my gosh that is totally funny!

Carla said...

Sent all required paper, signatures and copies off to MN this morning.

Wait.....was Timmers born in ND??