Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Form Letter

The one that Patrick and I didn't send.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!! We hope this letter helps you catch up a little with the Streams!!

Pat's goatee is coming along quite nicely. He rarely gets a word in edgewise with Carla but tries to maintain eye contact. His goal this winter has been to build the largest Stream Sledding Hill Ever! So far, so good. His hobbies at this time are shoveling, snowblowing, climbing the roof to break up the ice dams and playing tag with the snowplow.

Carla enjoys the days when school is in session. She continues to pick up and clean the house in the months that start with M, go grocery shopping and do laundry and head out to Walmart for some much needed Mom Time. She is now officially halfway to 90 years old. She doesn't talk about much else but abortion, abortion, abortion. It's always abortion this and abortion that and well, we just smile politely and nod.

Joshua is proud to be 5'7 and 165 right now. He delights in being one of the tallest in 7th grade. He towers over his mother yet she can still make him take out the garbage. Wii is his life although torturing his siblings comes in a close second. He has been made the official babysitter so mom and dad can go out and talk about nothing but the kids and catch a nap in the car.

Sarah became a mother this year. She now has a pet hamster named Lumpy. The novelty for The Lump has quickly worn off in pursuit of snowboarding. Being the only sister in between 3 brothers has made her a girl that can hold her own. She keeps asking for a baby sister. Good luck with that Sarah Beara.

Nathan is known as Artist Boy in school and usually comes home, grabs a stack of paper and draws whatever was floating around in his head all day. He has also entered The Lego Zone. He loves teasing Griffen the cat, being 7, and making noises with his armpit.

Timmers has had a very eventful year of preschool, Awana Cubbies and Lifeshaping classes. It was touch and go there for awhile as he was fit to be tied in each one. 5 years old is right around the corner so we are hoping he gets with the program and finally picks a military school that he likes.

Griffen the cat is 11. He is HUGE. Sleeps and eats and then eats and sleeps. He occasionally kills a mouse or 4. I was told that some cats live until they are 20 so there is still time to pray for his salvation. We don't think he is a Christian cat.

One family highlight this year was our Stream Staycation. We packed as much Wisconsin fun into it as we could and still left every child dissatisfied with life.

It goes without saying that we have the most amazing, beautiful and talented children in the whole wide world and that maintaining the image of a perfect family is indeed worth it.

A Happy 2011 to all of you!!


Kandi said...

You know, I would have chipped in to pay for the expenses to send this out.
And I love the fact that you, Carla, look as beautiful in this picture as you did in the one that was sent to all. :)

Carla said...

Thank you, Kandi. :)

I guess I wasn't listening when Patrick said, "Ok, I'm taking a goofy one!!"

kristi noser said...

you kill me. I love you. Get over here.

Karla with a K said...

(I bet she photo shopped a good one of herself in!!!)

Oh, hi Carla. Nothing.

(The later in the morning it gets, the funnier I am to myself.)

I love your letter, btw.

Carla said...

You crack yourself up, my dear!!

I know nothing about the howto of photoshopping.

I missed my cue.

erin said...

This is fantastic. Oh, how I love you and your perfect family.

Carla said...

Another new tradition!! :)

I love your perfect little family!