Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Happy Mother's Day! Yeah, I'm a little late, but I just got the all clear from Joshua's teacher. He wrote me a poem and Patrick and I thought he copied it. We thought he might have playjurized it. He has playjured before. (I'm not saying the poem is THAT good. I'm just saying.) His teacher announced at the poetry reading yesterday that there was a set of parents that didn't believe their child wrote the poem. That'd be us. Here it is in all it's originality.

I Love You the Bluest

I love you the bluest.
I love you the color of a dark cave
in its slumber.
I love you the color of a violet in
spring time.
A glistening sapphire.
The summertime sky.
A bluebird in its awakening.

He is a poet and I didn't even realize it.


Twisted Cinderella said...

What a sweet poem!

erin said...

I love it (the bluest). It's actually really lovely.

Anonymous said...

You should have said, "He is a poet, and I didn't even know-it!"

KHallblade said...

Carla, that is wonderful! Wow!

Carla said...

Kris, is that you? :)
Anonymous-I know. It's a joke. Get it?

Katie R. said...

Wow! That's a really amazing poem. How thougthful. The boy's got some literary talent. Hmmmm...wonder where he gets it from?

Luisa Perkins said...

How lovely!

Lene said...

SO SWEET! My heart melted reading that.