Thursday, June 14, 2007


According to the data I've collected in the observation of Timothy, there seems to be two ways to eat graham crackers. The first way involves taking the small rectangle when offered and jamming it down the throat several times to arouse the gag reflex. Continue to try stuffing the whole cracker in and gag at the same time while signaling for another cracker. Smile through crumbs at Mommy when she asks if you are choking. The second way doesn't send Mommy running, ready to do the Heimlich but it does involve some creativity. Turn the small rectangle vertically instead of horizontally and simply gnaw away at the thing. Hopefully the grinding of toddler teeth will draw some attention.


Brillig said...

Hahaha. Well, thank goodness it's not just MY kids that do that!

Carla said...

I just love this Mommyblogging...we are not alone! :)

Lene said...

Ouch! That first technique sounds quite painful.

Always encourage creativity!