Monday, August 01, 2005

Snip, Snip

Sarah is the best Sarah I have ever had. I tell her that every night before she goes to bed. She does try my patience...A LOT. As far as blogging goes though, I will NEVER run out of material with the children God has entrusted to me.
A story of Sarah and a scissor coming up. I was napping, which is one of my favorite hobbies and I woke up to Sarah standing by my bed whimpering softly and holding her arms over her head. I asked her what was wrong and then sucked in my breath when I saw her hair. "WHAT DID YOU DO??" is what came out of my mouth. Well, it was pretty obvious what she had done, folks!! She had cut her hair. Sarah has always had long hair. One length. No bangs. Not anymore. She had short bangs and some kind of wispy Farrah Hair going. I had her take me to her room and she cried the whole way. I confiscated the scissors but she would not tell me where the hair was. No matter. I checked everywhere. Upon opening a dresser drawer it was like a hair explosion!! Piles and piles that I picked up and put in a plastic bag and labled with the date. Hey, I was trying to cope.(I also coped by calling a friend who consoled me with,"It's only hair. It will grow back.") Sarah refused to sit in the hairdresser's chair to straighten things. So...what you see is what you get.
She did tell me the other day that she is trying to grow out her "fangs".

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