Friday, August 05, 2005

Constant Craving

Don't be scared. I am not going to write the lyrics to that number one hit by JD Lang. Even though I am sure we all know and love it.
I need to type about my craving during my last 3 pregnancies. With Joshua it was the usual stuff...Chinese, Mexican and Ice Cream!! With Sarah came a craving I was quite unprepared for. Gasoline. Not to drink mind you, but to sniff. Crazy and constant!! I gave in whenever I entered the garage. Yep, I took down our little gas can and took a couple of whiffs and went on with my day. I consoled myself with thoughts like, "At least I am not eating dirt, or detergent or chalk." (Which by the way is called Pica and needs medical attention.) After Sarah was born the craving went away. (HHHHMMMMM.....that may explain a little about Sarah. I shall ponder that one later.) With Nathan...same thing.
Let me sniff in peace, Patrick!! My husband would catch me in the garage and yell, "What are you doing??!!" Scaring the bejeebers out of me did nothing to curb my appetite. In fact, I would just hang around the pump when I filled the van and get my fix that way.
Now I have the same craving with this pregnancy as before and in mentioning it to my doctor he gave me such good advice that I need to share it with the world.(well not the world, but for sure the 2 other people who read this blog) When I told Dr. Zimmerman about this strange and constant craving he said, "TRY NOT TO DO THAT!" I wish I could type that his advice made me quit cold turkey, but I would be lying and I try not to do that either.

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Pat Stream - The Husband said...

Lately I have found, I might add, the door to getting Carla's attention is related to this topic.

First off, it is all true.

Secondly, I have found it xstreamly effective to dabble my fingers in the gas can before I walk into the house. And then, this works perfectly because Carla loves when I cup her face in my hands, I cup her face, the gas smell registers in her mind, and BOOM! I got her attention.